Intrapreneur Psychological Foundation Course

Discover The Industry That Suits You

We will educate you on what entrepreneurship is and how to prepare to launch a new business or  relaunch an existing one.

We will guide you in contemplating and comprehending the thinking process as well as the methods of successful business people and let you develop into a true entrepreneur.

You will become an expert in the relationship between Team and Ability to run your business better than ever before.

In a short amount of time time, we will help you develop a solid and robust setup for your business.

Importance Of Psychological Foundation

Getting yelled at by your boss, fixed working hours, limited days off and a miniscule income are among some of the reasons for one to start a business.

Many people know that working as an employee won’t accumulate you much wealth. it seems the only way to get rich is to become an entrepreneur and start a business.

But do you even know where to start when building a business from scratch?

The most important key is building a solid psychological foundation. For example, how should you deal with others and how to distribute work with and without employees.

If you skip the psychological foundation and go ahead to start a business directly, you will find yourself busy doing the employees’ work everyday and getting paid even less than a regular employee.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Because ] it only takes 2 hours for you to understand the importance of psychological foundation for entrepreneurs. You can spend less time worrying about all the little things and focus on making your business successful.

A wrong team or a wrong partner could affect a potential company from operating smoothly.

Entering an industry that is not suitable and competing with others without knowing your own strengths and weaknesses will only end up in you being eliminated by the market.

Attract like-minded people to join you and cooperate with you to create a strong business with the guidance of an experienced mentor.

In just 2 hours, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, you will know how to match yourself to an equivalent industry thus starting your business easily.

[Intrapreneur Psychological Foundation Course]

2-Hour Course

Course Content Includes:

1. Recognize How An Employer Operates

2. Find A Field That Matches Your Skills & Abilities

3. Unlock Your Mentality Of Successful Business Owners.


Priced @ RM388 only