Breakthrough Academy’s education system adopts the first

B.R.E.A.K practical training framework, and uses 5 core teaching values

to establish a training system that can be used, inherited, circulated, and replicated

continuously by individuals, enterprises or organizations

We help individuals and corporate partners to

Establish a noble attitude and concepts (Attitude)

Improving past behaviour and actions (Behaviour)

Promoting mutual understanding and to a harmonious relationship (Relationship)

Accurately assessing people competence and talents

Design appropriate planning to improve skills and ability (Knowledge)

Personal development, team building include a strong internal strength

Harmonious and balanced relationship, fair and healthy competition

Respective and compassionate leaders, and an equal performance and rewards system

The core intention for the success of individuals and enterprises is to

Have consistent excellence culture (Excellence)

The advantages of our practical educational systems are to

Replace current education that is too technical, lack practical applications

and surface teaching model which unable to fully understand