Team Building

Design different activities

based on the requirement of different team

leaders and their respective team’s culture

To enhance the cohesion

between partners,

synchronize the team spirit or

improve healthy competition between

team members.

Make your core team stronger and

more competitive and able to operate

automatically. Finally, let everyone achieve

their dreams!

Certified Malaysia’s Trainer (TTT/22736)

Kalvin Goh Mentor

Design different activities

and games

based on your team.

Stimulate the potential of the members.

Let your team members be

[Cohesive] like maltose

and become a strong team.

Efficiency improvement in a short time

thus making the team

resonate with the leader,

​fight for the same goal together.

Every leader wants to have the strongest team, a team where all partners hold the

same philosophy. Everyone will work all out at any time when needed.

Normally, when the team is getting bigger, there will be a lot of voices and the

partners may feel unpleasant with each other.

Especially top management leaders, they might have communication problems

with the team due to their identity and excessively big team size.

Actually, the problem is caused by the interest conflict between a leader and the

team members. The outstanding members will have a feeling that the leader’s

words are just for making money. 

This kind of doubt and distrust can be solved through the programs designed by

the mentor who does not have an interest dispute.

Our mentor has converted 42 top leaders of a group who used to lose trust in

each other into a super cohesive team by using less than  3 hours of activities.

Let the mentor provide you with a cohesive team you want by different activities

and games!

Improve the

team cohesion and


as well as become a team with

high resonance.

Using games and activities to

stimulate team’s


and become a team that can sprint

for performance automatically.

Simple and fun games can make

the team members

automatically improve


and become a role model for others.

Most of the leaders fear to 

have a team without vitality,

have no momentum and performance.

This problem happens in many teams temporarily.

​Everyone has forgotten the dream they set at the beginning,

they are just living as usual day and night.

They have lost the spirit to work and fight for a better situation

The only way to enhance competitiveness

and improve overall performance is 

by stimulating their desires again.

Let the mentor guide you in the games and activities

that are specially designed。

​The competitiveness of the team will be stimulated.

There was a record that we helped a team with mediocre performance to break

through their psychological barriers and start to improve in performance by

playing 2 games within a day.

Whether you want to

enhance the cohesion between

partners, synchronize the team spirit or

improve healthy competition between

team members,

Make your core team stronger and

more competitive,

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