Service Industry Manager

2-day Certification Course

Let those who are working in the service

industry to

understand the concept of the service

industry and

know the origin of this industry as well

as clients’ thinking.

Understand the

the management ways

which are different from the typical industry

​so that you can manage your business better.

Integrated Service Industry Manager (Level B)

Kalvin Goh Mentor

Will be teaching you

the essence of International Service Industry,

knowledge summarized from different international companies.

Let you master

【International Service Industry Management Secret】

and become a certified service industry manager.

The service industry is the most popular nowadays. It is the industry that is closest

to people. However, do you understand that the management of the

service industry is different from other industries?

Service industry includes hotels management, catering and tourism.

Most people operate these industries by only using retail or manufacturing

management skills to run their businesses.

But do you know this will only make your business unable to grow and

even difficult to survive because you can’t compete with others.

The knowledge and details of the service industry and the unique management

model will grow your business larger compared to others.

You will recognize the concept of the service industry and understand the unique

management model and operation method in just 2 days.

Not only your performance will be improved, ​but also you can become a certified

service industry manager. It makes you more professional and able to manage

your business orderly.

Let you understand consumer’s behaviour and

perception and know what your customers want and needs.

Let you master the linkage between 

[Customer and Enterprise]

and manage customer relationships more efficiently.

At the same time, master the marketing model of the service

industry so you can design a suitable marketing strategy

to attract new customers and retain the current.

The consumers of the service industry are

completely different from retail or manufacturing

because the service industry provides a product that can’t be seen.

If you think by providing free services

and using low prices tactics will win the customers’ loyalty,

you are daydreaming.

There are industries with the all-range quality provided, 

therefore price wars cannot be successful in the service industry.

When you understand the behaviour patterns of consumers

and know how to deal with their complaints,

you will be able to retain customers.

You are also able to design the right marketing plan to

increase business volume and obtain multiple growths in income

and ​makes you strike in the industry.

After a 2-day course and passing an exam,

you will become a certified service industry manager.

It makes you more professional and able to manage your business orderly.

[Service Industry Manager]

2-day Certification Course

​​(RM 1,800 [Exam fee included])

Suitable for: catering industry, tourism and other service industries

Course content includes:
Service Industry Management
Consumer Behavior and Research in Service Industry
Service awareness and quality management
Service satisfaction and loyalty management