Life Transformation Handbook

1-day Positive Mindset Personal Training Course

Teach you how to find the true you. Build

confidence to let others believing in you and

make people like to befriend with you.

Make strangers interested in youpay

close attention to your name and finally, make

your family and friends more convinced on your abilities!

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Kalvin Goh Mentor

Will teach you a secret from

Top 10 International Masters

on the essence of a positive attitude.

Let you master the

[Secrets of Confidence and Ability Improvement]

and have a professional and positive public image.

At a low cost,

let people around you resonate with you.

Seven years ago, if you have set a goal, you will find a way to complete it

at all cost.

You will stick to the goal  no matter how hard the process is or being teased by

family and friends.

You are invincible at the moment  and have many close friends.

But now you no longer have this spirit, those goals and dreams are just thinking.

You do the same work and things day after day.

This is because of your present personal mentality which stop you from

producing any desired result!

A positive person will live with confidence and become remarkable to people.

They will appreciate you, like you and trust you. You are always the priority of

friends and family.

The good news is you don’t need to wait until you have a certain achievement to

be able to show your personal confidence.

In fact, you must manage your personal mentality then you have the opportunity

to create another peak in your career.

Now it only takes a day for you to quickly learn the positive attitude of the world

masters. start to achieve small goals every day and strive towards your dream life!

Will let you identify

your unique expertise as well as personality

and understand the nature of yourself.

Let you master the

linkage between [Expertise and Career]

and have a professional and positive public image.

Make People around you trust you

at a low cost.

Today you live in a daze, get up every day just to cope with work and make

money, forced to see your boss’s and colleagues’ faces at work.

It is because you don’t understand your expertise, don’t know how far your ability

is and don’t know whether your current job matches your expertise. You spend a

lot of efforts but only obtain a tiny result.

When you understand your expertise, know your character and

understand your talent well,

You can become the one who has a professional and positive public image and

let people around you trust you.

So you have to improve your strengths and character, make yourself better​ to let

others support you.

For now, it only takes a day for  you to fully understand your expertise

and character so that you can enjoy yourself in your industry and

​create double or more performance.

《Handbook for Life Transform》

1-day Personal Positive Mindset Course

​(Original price RM 1,688)

Know your own expertise and explore your potential
Take a closer look at human weaknesses and understand their personalities
Find the direction of your dreams & reach goals quickly
Breakthrough current bottleneck & create a brilliant future