Is My Life Right?

2-hour Individual Lesson

Teach you how to

find your true life goal

You won’t be directionless or dawdling

 day by day.

Let you know your own life

direction and know every step you must take

and finally let your family and friends be more

convinced about your approach!

Mindset Icon Malaysia

Kalvin Goh Mentor

Will teach you a secret from

Top 10 International Masters

on personal goal setting.

Let you master the

[The secrets of goal and direction improvement]

and become more confident.

To make people around you idolise you at low cost.

Do you always work for lunch,

wait to get off from work and

wait for the weekend to come when Monday arrives?

Living in same way every day.

People around you often criticise you for 

not having a good result till today.

There are only a few ways to live,

wake up, eat, take a shower, work/study, play games and go to sleep

Way of life is just three points in a line;

from home to workplace/school and then go home.

You gather with many friends every day,

meet new friends everywhere

or sign up for every course

but in the end, you don’t obtain anything that is beneficial and meaningful to you.

You behave as such because you don’t understand your purpose of life

and not clear about your life direction.

You mess around every day.

Constantly spend energy and time in places that are not helpful

and have no improvement in your income.

Now it takes only 2 hours

to find the purpose of your life and

find your life direction.

​Let you live a more fulfilling life in future.

Let you understand

time management skill

and know how to allocate time efficiently.

Let you master

the linkage between [Time and Results]

to use your time more effectively.

Only after a short period,

you will become professional in time management.

Do you have choosing phobia which

often don’t know which one is better when making choices

especially when making significant decisions in your study or career.

You always regret after making a decision

or when the results come, you will regret and say “I should have done……”

Actually, you encounter this problem

because you don’t understand the values ​​of life

and don’t know how to prioritise the important tasks.

Not just making decisions,

it also affects how you live your daily life.

Now it only takes 2 hours

for you to understand why you have the choosing phobia

and find the ideal value arrangement and time management method

so that you will no longer struggle when making choices.

《Is My Life Right?》

2-hour Individual Lesson

​​(Original price RM 388)

Let you know your purpose of life

Understand life values

Manage your time efficiently