Personal Consulting Service

Using NLP and mind-reading method to

analyze your psychological

condition. Understand your difficulty.

Using 1 on 1 consultation in order to

protect your privacy and provide you with the

most appropriate counselling

Help you to  get out of the current

situation. Let go the psychological

burden, face life happily and positively.

Mindset Icon Malaysia

International Certified Hypnotist

Kalvin Goh

& USA NAHA International Spiritual

Aromatherapy Certified Specialist

Liquid Chow

Analyze the problems deep in

your mind

and clarify your stuck points

based on your confusion.

Use simple and understandable


to teach you a little by a little every day

to reduce your mental stress.

You will release your inner fears

and confusion without pressure and


 Stay happy every day!

The rapid growth of society makes people irritable and want to use the shortest

time and the least energy to reach the peak of life.

Fast-changing of technology and the bombardment of social media cause people

to keep receiving information and seeing friends’ photos all the time.

Living in this environment for a long time, you will become tenser and tenser and

your temper is getting worse and worse.

It also brings insomnia and hormonal imbalance. Your skin becomes worse

your body turns out of shape and often feel breathless or palpitations.

Negative thoughts always appear in your mind. Mood swings and you

become less confident.

You dare not to talk about these issues with your relatives and friends beside

you because you think it is useless. Venting on social media sometimes but the

problem remains the same.

You need a professional consultant to enter your inner soul and pull out the

originally happy you.

We not only use NLP and mind-reading method for consultation but also

hypnosis. Let the troubles hidden in your mind come to the surface and ​solve

your problem at once.

Use hypnosis or Satir module to let the

problems hidden deep in your

mind come to the surface and solve it

from the base.

Use the subconscious input method to

inject positive thinking into your mind.

Allow your actions and habits to change

naturally and improve your mood and

future results.

**All treatment content and personal data will be stored under the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)


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