Intrapreneur Psychological Foundation

2-hour Intrapreneurship Course

To whom prepare to start a new business or

just starting a business,

understand what Entrepreneurship is.

Won’t do business without preparation

or deal with trivial things while running a

business in future.

Let you understand the psychology

and practices of entrepreneurs.

Won’t be known as a boss but still doing the

employees’ works.

Let you become a veritable entrepreneur!

Mindset Icon Malaysia

Kalvin Goh Mentor

Will teach you on

Successful World Entrepreneur Secret

to run a business and the mindset of it.

Let you master

[Successful Entrepreneur Mindset] 

and become a confident entrepreneur.

The course is short but fulfilling to

let you have better control of your business

Many people think that work as an employee can’t accumulate wealth unless

being an entrepreneur and start a business.

That causes many people want to start a business,

to be an entrepreneur.

Refused to meet your employer,

refused to have a fixed working hour,

unhappy with your income being determined by your employer 

are the reasons for one to start a business.

But do you know what do you need to prepare before starting a business?

What do you need to pay attention to?

The most important key is building psychological foundation such as

how should you deal with others

and how to distribute work with and without employees.

If you don’t do well in the psychological foundation and start a business directly

you will be busy doing the employees’ works every day

and get less income than regular employees.

For now, it only takes 2 hours for

you to understand the importance of psychological foundation for entrepreneurs

without worrying about these little issues from the beginning.

Will let you discover the

industry which suits you and your strength

for a smooth startup of your business.

Let you master the

linkage between [Team and Ability]

to manage your enterprise more effectively.

​Let you have a strong and stable startup

in a short period of time.

A wrong team and a wrong partner

could prevent a potential company from operating smoothly or fail halfway

Entered an industry that is not suitable and

compete with others without knowing your own strengths and weaknesses 

will cause you to be eliminated by the market.

Only if you understand your own strengths and weaknesses,

find the industry that suits you 

will make everything easy peasy.

Besides, you can attract people with the same ideas

to join you and cooperate with you

and finally create a strong business 

with the guidance of a right mentor.

In just 2 hours,

you will know your strengths and weaknesses using 3 sentences.

At the same time, you will know the matching level between industry and yourself

thus starting your business easily.

《Intrapreneur  Psychological  Foundation》

2-hour Intrapreneurship Course

​(Original price RM 388)

Let you know the psychology of successful entrepreneurs
Understand the employer’s way of doing things
Find an industry that matches your strength & your talent