Internal Training

Design customized training

based on different business needs

and their respective corporate cultures.

Train employees to have a deeper

understanding of the company,

​synchronized with the company core

value, increase employee loyalty and improve


& communication skills.

Make your team more harmonious
and willing to support each other.
Ensure everyone
achieves their goals ultimately!

Certified Malaysia’s Trainer (TTT/22736)

Kalvin Goh Mentor

Based on your corporate to design a

specific course on

different topics to meet the company’s needs.

Ensure your employees master the

company’s accurate [Demand] in

a short time and go through thick and

thin together with the company.

Only one to two days required to make

the team resonate with the

company core values ​and maintain

company culture together.

Every company is made up of employees from different backgrounds

and composed in different positions. Corporate culture and core value become

the foundation of a company.

Most of the times, top management level or employers don’t understand

their staff job scope or responsibilities, neither the corporate core value and


They like to perform a task with their own values. So there are

many arguments with colleagues caused as well as office politics.

In fact, every company has to pay a certain fee to the government monthly. It’s 1%

of the company total employees’ salary. This amount of money is ready for

training purpose.

In fact, staff training is not a cost for a company. It’s a way to improve the harmony

between employees and let employees know the company better at low cost as

well as increase their loyalty to the company.

A licensed and government recognized trainer is your necessary choice. We are

proud to announce that the trainers of Breakthrough Academy have

the HRDF TTT license.

It’s time to click below and contact us to enhance the capabilities of your

employees. ​At the same time, claim back the 1% levy fee that was paid monthly. 

No matter is to enhance

employee loyalty and

 understanding of a product

or increase staff’s awareness of their


You can communicate and discuss with our

trainers about your need to

design specific courses for your


in order to save time and money with an

improvement in efficiency.


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