Financial Quotient Course

1-day Financial Training Course

Learning through games ​is the fastest and

most effective way.

Because you will be fully concentrated

and your original character​ is completely

shown at this time.

From that, you will understand more about

your strengths and weaknesses to

achieve better management in future.

Integrated Service Industry Manager

Kalvin Goh Mentor

Will use the 

revised cash flow game

which summarizes financial management and knowledge.

Let you master Secrets of [Financial Quotient]

and be able to manage your finances and investments better.

Most people learn financial management by reading books, attending courses 

or directly hand over their money to some professional for further management.

These methods are not good because people may only fumble in their blind spots

and hide their original character which makes them unable to deal with problems

in a rational way.

When any real situation happens, the emotion shows out is the actual

characteristic of a person

Those people who keep saying how good they are will lose their minds at this

moment and make the wrong decision. It will take them a lot of money to learn

this experience in the end.

When you learn through games, you will get valuable experience from your

mistakes and it only involves fake money and a little time.

This trial and error learning way in the game prevent you from bearing any

actual burden like a huge debt.

You will improve in the financial quotientby playing educational games

within a day.

We are using a revised cash flow game method which is similar to the real

situation to let you experience the most authentic financial world​.

The original cash flow game only includes a few

simple sections for users.

After several years of market investigation and

data collection, we have produced

this revised cash flow game by ​adding

in different real scenarios from the

actual market.

Using reality game rulesyou can learn and

understand practical financial

management and improve in

financial quotient.

Financial Quotient Course

1-day Course

​​(Original price RM588)

Understand financial statements
Understand difference between assets and liabilities
Clear understand the global financial economy
Improve financial management capabilities
​Learn investment and financial management models