7 Major Pain Points of Entrepreneurs

1-day Entrepreneur Course

Will teach you on

preparation before starting a

business and building arobust foundation to

avoid bankruptcies and partner breakups.

Let your team and partners work

together happily and run your business

smoothly. Let your business sustains

& expands.

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Kalvin Goh Mentor

Will teach you the

Secret of Successful Entrepreneurs

in planning operative method for your own company.

Let you master the

[Successful Business] model

of a stably growing company.

Course value is more than 100 times of the course fee.

You will have better control over your business after

the course.

Many entrepreneurs may start their business on impulse, just don’t want to see

the employer’s face or feel that a typical employee can’t accumulate wealth.

However, there might be a group of relatives and friends who have the ideals

and start a business together.

In fact, no matter what is the reason to start a business, It is more important for

you to understand the details of a business. For example, 7 major pain

points which affect business long-term operation.

Most people do not pay attention to the consequences of these pain points and

start a business without preparation. As a result, when the business reaches a

certain level, it stops moving forward.

If you don’t handle these properly, what are the bad consequences? Partner

dismantling and losing money or even getting involved in legal issues.

You might ask

why are the entrepreneurs letting them happen if they are so serious?

The reason is very simple because everyone doesn’t know these 7 major pain

points or maybe just know some of them.

With the 1-day course, you will fully understand the 7 major pain points that we

need to pay attention ​and clearly understand the sequelae of not doing well.

Will let you know

the culture and intention of being an entrepreneur

and the way to correspond with clients.

Let you master the

Linkage between [Client and Partner]

 and become a professional and confident entrepreneur.

In 1 day time,

Your business will no longer collapse without any reason.

Many companies are only aimed to make money and don’t aware of this is just an

additional result of a business.

Correct cultures and values ​​are very important for a company to sustain. They are

an important foundation to influence your team and clients.

Clients won’t deal with a company that only aimed to earn their money for a long

period. Your team may also break up because of money issue as well as

business partners.

This concept involves 7 major pain points. No matter it is about entering or

leaving a business, money-sharing model and cost management are all

involving money.

The allocation of work and margin setting are also the aspects that companies

need to pay attention to.

Should the people who invest a lot in the early stage or those with relatively large

workload take the bigger shares? These are things that entrepreneurs need to

consider and set beforehand.

​Within the 1-day course, we will dissect all these details for you to prepare you for

your business plan in the early stages.

Don’t let the partner dismantling, bankruptcy or getting involved in

the legal case happen.

《7 Major Pain Points of Entrepreneurs》

1-day Personal Positive Mindset Course

​(Original price RM 1,988)

Clearly understand the fundamentals of doing business
Identify the impact of 7 major pain points
Beware the consequences of partner dismantling and

Find the details that make your business stronger