Company employees who have worked for about a year,

need the training to grow their abilities.

That is the reason why the government includes a department

called the Human Resources Department which is also

known as HRDF.

It is to encourage the employees not only work but also to

have the intention to learn new knowledge and

improve themselves.

To prevent the company undertake the huge training fees of

every employee, HRDF requires every company that has ten or

more registered employees to pay 1% of employees

salary monthly as a levy so that the company is capable

to prepare training for employees every year.

The training fee can be claimed back from the levy when

employees attend the training or courses provided by 

HRDF certified trainers.

However, many employers do not aware of this. If no

training is held within 2 years, the levy will

be forfeited. That will be a big loss for the company.

Internal training is provided to the employees. Rather than just

sit and listen like a typical classroom, team-

building with games and activities is also included

in the training.

We provide these training modules in a customized way

which specially designed based on company culture and

requirements for the most effective results.

It is possible to apply to claim back the HRDF levy

which was paid monthly previously. As being said, killing two

birds with one stone. ​Why not?

Internal Training

Based on your company’s cultures and

needs, develop training that suits your

employees ​whether it is soft skills or ISO

certification training.

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Team Building

Utilising games and activities to let participants have a 

deeper feeling ​to transfer

the knowledge into their spirits.

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