Corporate Certified Trainer & Consultant Mental Mentor / Life Coach

  • Integrated Service Industry Manager (Second Class 12338)
  • HRDF Certified Corporate Trainer (HRDF: TTT/22736)

  • Business Management cum ISO Consultant

  • Strategy Management and Personal Mental Mentor for International Strategic Institute

  • Personal Mindset Development Consultant

  • American Society of Hypnotists (NGH) Hypnotherapist

  • Event Planner for International Business Alliance

  • Life Camp Coach for Yuan Man

  • Champion of Entrepreneur Group – Malaysia International 12-Hour Ultra Marathon

  • Well-known in the training of spiritual healer, brainwashing practitioner, hypnotic influence secret technique practitioner, etc.

  • Good at observing and identifying internal management problems of the enterprise, such as problems within employees, customers, quality or operating procedures, provide accurate and effective solutions

  • Good at improving the mentality of students and overcoming fears, and moving forward. 


Liquid Chow Li Qiu

Aroma Therapist

  • Founder of VMeet

  • USA NAHA International Spiritual Aromatherapy Certified Specialist

  • Aromatherapy Consultant, AFA International Education Institute

  • Satya Family Certified Therapist

  • ​Focus on essential oil touch, personal growth, anxiety, insomnia and emotional healing, uterine massage