Discover Yourself
Breakthrough Yourself

Breakthrough Academy was founded in 2016

The objective of the establishment is

To help more people live the life they want and

Lead millions of enterprises to benefit the society


Help everyone discover their values

So they can self-adjust their mentality

Face the day with positive thinking

Promote a harmonious & peaceful society

Lead millions of enterprises to benefit the society


Assist enterprises & individuals to get improvement and

Begin on a higher place of life


Willingness to Share


Dream Chasing

Services provide:

Corporate Training

Public Courses

Business Consulting

Personal Consulting & Counselling


+6 011 – 7271 7688

​Articles & Other Information

Mindset Channel

Management Sharing Channel

03-29, Wisma S P Setia

Jalan Indah 15, 81200 Johor Bahru

Merger Announcement:
Breakthrough Academy and GECB Ventures Sdn Bhd has merged
Become one of the sub-brands of GECB Ventures

Based on business considerations and better resource integration
Breakthrough Academy decided to hand over customer information and transaction records to the
head office to integrate more resources and contacts,
To provide better service to our customers,
Let customers become more professional in their industry.


VMeet officially joined Breakthrough Academy as a cooperation partner from 25th August 2021,
The main cooperation is to provide personal emotional counseling,
to provide a channel for everyone who is facing emotional problems to help ease emotions and enhance their confidence.
To help everyone get out of the pressure,
Reduce the occurrence of suicides.
The tutoring fee will be collected on a random basis.