Four learning stages (Using Logical Framework):
Recognize personal talent
Improve interpersonal communication skills
Enhance the ascending stage of supervisory skills
Leadership stage that creates a successful company

In the learning process from a selfish person to become a team with All Win mindset

Breakthrough Academy uses four “Self” mindset breakthrough concepts: 

Find out who you are and why you live, understand the wisdom of humans

Understand your own strengths and weaknesses, what talents you have

gather the experience of different people and find a suitable method to improve yourself

Guide students to accept themselves, and assist each unique person to find the right path
to stand out, and let each unique characteristic of the rise create a spontaneously
successful company

Integrate your network:

Fully utilise the networks and resources between you and your family, workplace, 
business, and society, and develop interdependent interactive relationships

Why do companies need training?

The biggest cost of an enterprise is not from hardware equipment, or the corporate

management, but is untrained employees!

The biggest challenge for an enterprise is not from external threats, or market downturn,

but is internal organizational problems!

Top 10 hidden common worries for enterprises:
Senior executives are in their own hands, fight each other
Employees only ask for a salary increment, not a contribution
Companies cannot accurately place talents in the right position
The gap between new and old employees and office politic
Non-stop handling of human issues more than business promotion
Inter-departmental evasiveness makes the plan difficult to implement
Difference work order and goals
Employees and bosses do not have empathy and centripetal force
Employees are tired and passive, unwilling to take responsibility
Boss never realise the root cause of the company’s problems

All problems are due to the lack of proper training!!!

What role does Breakthrough Academy do to help you?
Talents Practical Training
Business Growth Partner

Breakthrough Academy is a professional training provider for

Corporate growth and personal value-added in Malaysia

We help to diagnose enterprises and employees

Use a comprehensive education and training system to

Assist enterprises to stand out from the competition and thrive

Why our training effective?

Through “experiential learning

Let the participants improve from the “heart” and

Let the company focus on the “correct” tone

We customise designed training plan for enterprises, replacing short-term motivation with
practical training
Training” is not only “Motivation“, but “Motivation” also is not the same as “Strength“,
Motivation” is just to boost corporate morale
But it may not be a medicine for continuous growth