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Breakthrough Academy is founded by Kalvin Goh,

who has mentored different people & companies in Malaysia for more than 7 years

In response to the biggest problem of individuals & corporate organizations is

“Interpersonal Relationship and Communication”

He has continuously invested his mind and energy to develop

a complete series of authoritative

Interpersonal Behaviour Model cum Practical Training System

For an enterprise

Untrained employees are the biggest cost and liability of the entire enterprise

However, well-trained employees become an asset for enterprise

With the innovative development and demands of enterprises

We do not stand still but uphold the spirit of

Sustainable development and inheritance actively

Improve the quality of education

Integrate Mental Methods

Technology and Business Practices

Provide a comprehensive education system

for individuals, enterprises, and organizations

In 2016, Breakthrough Academy was formally established & successfully positioned as a

“Talent Training Brand”

based on the needs & learning intention of individuals and corporate elites

develop four major aspects:

Personal Growth, Team Building

Leadership StrategyBusiness Management

Corporate Training

If you want to train your employees, we target

different corporate needs and cultures

Train your employees with customized themes

Make training more effective and targeted.

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Public Courses

No matter you are planning for

Personal improvement or

Preparing to start a business / new startup

The course here is designed for you

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Corporate Advisory Services

Become a professional consultant for your company especially for Internal Management & Performance Improvement

Provide high-quality & humanized reformation opinions

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Personal Consulting Service

If you struggle to overcome some mental problem

Often emotionally unstable or your mentality has been in a negative state

You will need to find a professional to help out

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